Case Study: Dean College

Dean College’s IT team experienced the challenges of protecting the College’s information and technology assets, complying with regulatory requirements, and adhering to security best practices. This translated into the need to develop a solid foundation and implement policies on secure, responsible, and acceptable use of the College’s information and technology assets, addressing potential phishing and ransomware threats, and building repeatable information security programs…

Case Study: Canna Care

Canna Care Docs is a dynamic company specializing in cannabinoid therapies. Canna Care Docs hired Towerwall to assess their effectiveness in protecting sensitive information such as patient health information and employee personal information from security breaches.

What it Takes to be a Sophos Platinum partner

A Sophos Platinum partner, Towerwall has a 22-year track record of providing advanced information security solutions and services to hundreds of companies in a broad range of markets, including higher education, financial services, and biotechnology.