Webinars : Q&A Panel: How to Stay Cybersafe in 2020

Live online Thursday, May 28 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Cyberthreats morph rapidly as they try to stay ahead of our defenses; wearing new disguises and breaking down virtual barriers in unique ways. The answer to, "How do I remain secure?" changes as quickly as the cyberthreats we face. Join us for an interactive Q&A Panel with experts Chris Chaves of Sophos, and Michelle Drolet and Arun Subramoniam of Towerwall. Engage in a discussion on staying safe in the evolving threat landscape. The panel will cover the topics below but the platform is yours!
  • What you can do today to remain secure
  • The types of threats Sophos Labs is seeing recently
  • What we know about COVID-19 scams
  • How to correct your security posture
  • How to secure your network for a remote workforce
  • Implementing a repeatable and actionable information security plan with people, process and technology to maintain compliance and adherence to regulations
  • Planning for a crisis: what are the basic steps for building an incident response & disaster recovery plan?

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