Key Benefits

How we help solve your Vulnerability Protection challenges:

Proactive Defense

Complete vulnerability scan of your environment’s entire attack surface, from servers to endpoints, on both on-premise and cloud environments. Our tools keep your systems up to date with the latest updates and security patches.

Helps Prioritize Risks

Our security experts help you classify risks and eliminate potential cybersecurity threats with high precision.

Meet Compliance Obligations

Vulnerability protection is a critical step in protecting an organization’s intellectual property. Several regulations (PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.) and cybersecurity frameworks (NIST, CSF etc.) require businesses to identify, manage and remediate vulnerabilities routinely.

Our Security Services

We consult clients through the following vulnerability protection initiatives:


Internal Penetration Test

Towerwall’s internal penetration tests:

  • Emulates an attacker who has penetrated network defenses or someone with access (e.g., rogue employees, contractors, guests) who wishes to exploit it 
  • Identifies vulnerabilities present in your internal network infrastructure (insecure network configuration, insecure protocols, and insecure services)
  • Provides a comprehensive report along with an executive summary that contains a prioritized list of vulnerabilities in order of remediation priority and next steps
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements (such as PCI DSS) that mandate pen-tests and evaluations
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Mobile Application Penetration Test

Towerwall’s mobile application penetration tests:

  • Assesses security posture of all applications including ones that are built in-house, Saas Based or third-party
  • Conducts mobile application penetration testing procedures to find application flaws that an attacker can exploit
  • Evaluates mobile application security via:
    • Authentication and access control
    • Input validation encoding 
    • Cross-site scripting
    • SQL injection
    • Enumeration of user and system accounts, servers, and internal communication ports
    • Business logic
    • User and session management (including privileged escalations)
    • Error and exception handling
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WiFi Assessment

Towerwall’s WiFi Assessment tests:

  • Identifies, maps and secures active wireless networks 
  • Helps determine misconfigurations, security gaps, and inconsistencies in wireless implementations
  • Identifies rogue access points
  • Runs penetration tests to detect vulnerabilities and points of entry in the wireless infrastructure
  • Provides recommendations to improve wireless security, meet regulatory compliance and improve WiFi performance
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Physical Security Assessment

Towerwall’s physical security assessment:

  • Uncovers several problems associated with physical systems (human guards, physical locks, entry and exit points, fences, CCTV systems, lighting, alarms etc.) and/or security procedures
  • Identifies general security concerns and provides a risk summary to determine strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and deficiencies
  • Assesses facilities and service territories with strict adherence to regulations and industry guidelines
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Social Engineering

Towerwall’s social engineering services:

  • Tests cybersecurity awareness in employees through automated, simulated phishing exercises in a natural working environment
  • Covers a combination of common social engineering scenarios (e.g., smishing, vishing, baiting, pretexting) and physical site assessments to test physical intrusion scenarios
  • Provides insight into staff/company information that is lurking around on the internet using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tools 
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Threat Hunt

Towerwall’s threat hunt services:

  • Hunts for unknown attacks, plus flags suspicious activity on the network
  • Targets dormant attackers, stopping them from inflicting damage
  • Validates network integrity and overall cybersecurity posture
  • Remediates threats; uncovers indicators of compromise, unauthorized activity, backdoors, trojans, and evasive malware
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Technology We Enable



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