True cybersecurity requires preparedness.

Key Benefits

How we help solve your Program & Policy Development challenges:

Fosters a
Culture of Security

A well-documented policy provides formal guidance to your employees and third-party partners so that they can handle information assets responsibly. It enables employees to understand risks and embrace security controls as part of their regular working habits.

Protects Public Image
& Credibility

A security breach can lead to substantial costs like fines, legal fees, settlements, loss of brand reputation and public trust. We can create and maintain a policy that can help avoid such negative consequences.

Promotes Faster

A robust cybersecurity policy can provide clear instructions to your teams on how to react, respond and report a security breach. In the event of a breach, this can get you back in business much faster.

Our Security Services

We consult clients through the following program & policy development initiatives:


Information Security Management Program (ISMP)

Information Security Management Program documents guidance for the development, appropriate use, and maintenance of security controls. These controls are necessary for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.

This includes the development of the following governance-related functions:


Security Leadership

Management focuses on information security and aligning the security management program with business objectives.

Security Strategy

The security vision and initiatives needed to drive enterprise-wide improvement over one to three years.

Policy Management

Lists key policies needed in the Information Security Program; outlines how policies should be structured and when they should be updated.

Organizational Security Roles and Responsibilities

Defines security-related roles and responsibilities that are essential to the success of the Information Security Management Program.

Third-Party Security Management

Addresses the information security requirements expected of third parties who have access to information during the provision of contracted services.

Security Awareness

Focuses on the behavioral processes needed to increase user cybersecurity awareness.

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Security Policy Development & Implementation

  • Leverages expertise from security professionals that know how to properly define security requirements, and document clear, robust security policy
  • Provides a secure foundation by analyzing, formalizing, and implementing policies that follow cybersecurity best practices. Safety procedures are also analyzed, formalized, and implemented.
  • Sets a clear direction for information security management to reduce cost and complexity
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Vendor Risk Management Program

As more and more businesses turn to third-party vendors, suppliers, outsourced services and other channel partners, it is critical that organizations develop a vendor management program to routinely assess third-party risks as the consequences of data getting leaked or stolen can lead to a major business crisis. Towerwall can help formulate a standardized vendor governance mechanism that regularly monitors vendors and takes informed action to improve the risk posture of the organization.

Details include:

  • Helps identify, prioritize and categorize third-party vendors based on risk scores
  • Assesses vendors against control frameworks and regulations
  • Streamlines vendor on-boarding process, contracts and agreements
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Application Security

Our application security programs:

  • Assess the security posture of all applications including ones that are built in-house, purchased, or compiled
  • Conduct penetration testing procedures to find application flaws that an attacker can exploit
  • Evaluate application security via:
    • Authentication and access control
    • Input validation encoding
    • Cross-site scripting
    • SQL injection
    • Enumeration of user and system accounts, servers, and internal communication ports
    • Business logic
    • User and session management (including privileged escalations)
    • Error and exception handling
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