Hackers show no mercy—even for pot dispensaries. Anatomy of a national point-of-sale breach and takedown of 1,000-plus marijuana dispensaries

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By Michelle Drolet

Founder & CEO

Ms. Drolet is responsible for all aspects of business for Towerwall. She has more than 24 years of,

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Back when Apple was the plucky young upstart that dared to be different, the Mac was the machine for creative types and there was a perception that it wasn’t a target for hackers because of its cultural cool factor.
You would expect the same rules to apply to the legalized marijuana market, but a major hack attack on a pot dispensary last month set that notion up in smoke.
MJ Freeway, providers of popular medical marijuana tracking software, suffered a point-of-sale system hack that left over 1,000 marijuana dispensaries unable to track their sales and inventories. Because of the state regulations regarding the sale of marijuana, some dispensaries were forced to close early or shut their doors completely. The disruption lasted weeks and caused patients to suffer long delays with obtaining access to their medicine.
Closer inspection reveals this was a well-coordinated cyber attack that was intended to take the system down. [Read More @ NetworkWorld]