Sophos First to Introduce Always-On File Encryption for Data Shared Across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Platforms

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By Michelle Drolet

Founder & CEO

Ms. Drolet is responsible for all aspects of business for Towerwall. She has more than 24 years of,

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OXFORD, U.K., July 19, 2016 – Sophos (LSE: SOPH), a global leader in network and endpoint security, today announced Sophos SafeGuard Encryption 8, a new synchronized encryption solution that protects data against theft from malware, attackers or accidental leaks. All organizations can now choose to adopt the best practice of “always-on” file-level encryption to protect data accessed from mobile devices, laptops, desktops, on-prem networks and cloud-based file sharing applications. Sophos is the first vendor to provide persistent, transparent and proactive encryption that protects files across Windows, Mac, iOS or Android platforms by default.
Our own Michelle Drolet shared her thoughts on the new Sophos solution:

…Michelle Drolet, president and chief executive officer of Mass.-based Towerwall, Inc.: “As a company, we’ve experienced continued success with the Sophos SafeGuard Encryption solution and believe that encryption is a fundamental part of data protection and the overall threat protection landscape. Sophos SafeGuard Encryption expands Sophos’ synchronized security strategy that directly shares intelligence between security products to respond automatically. We’re excited to bring synchronized encryption to our customers.”

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