Events : Successful Breakfast Event: From Zero to Data Governance Hero

TWVaronisEventThanks for all that joined Towerwall at the From Zero to Data Governance Hero breakfast event! Towerwall and Varonis experts gave first-rate information on the importance of pressing data concerns of 2014. Also, Varonis’ speaker gave a great live demonstration on the Data Governance Suite! It was an event well spent!

"Towerwall is always looking for ways to provide updated information on data security issues affecting our customers.  Helping protect our customers “crown jewels” is our mantra."

- Michelle Drolet, Founder and CEO, Towerwall

We are excited to host our next event, the 2nd Annual Information Security Summit! Please join us on May 22 and discover new ways to lead the creation of the secure digital enterprise! Click here for more information on the 2nd Annual Information Security Summit.