The Worst Hacks of 2015

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By Michelle Drolet

Founder & CEO

Ms. Drolet is responsible for all aspects of business for Towerwall. She has more than 24 years of,

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Hacking and data breaches weren’t just the norm, but they reached far and wide, hitting victims of all kinds, from regular consumers, to government employees, and even children and cheaters. It seemed like no one was spared.
The Worst Hacks of 2015…drum roll please!

  • Israel Government Allegedly Hacks Kaspersky Lab
  • The Massive Breach at OPM, The Hack That Keeps on Giving
  • Vigilante Hacker Hits Italian Spyware Vendor Hacking Team
  • Think of the Children: Toymaker- VTech Gets Hacked, Loses Parents’ and Kids’ Personal Data
  • Hackers Steal Social Security Numbers of 15 Million T-Mobile Customers
  • Hackers Dox Cheaters And Embarrass Infidelity Giant Ashley Madison
  • The Massive Healthcare Data Spillage

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn.