Events : Information Security Summit 2017 Recap: Ransomware, Application Security, Unstructured Data and the Cloud

IMG 3983 Thanks to all who attended and sponsored our 2017 Information Security Summit. It was a great turnout where we discussed a number of issues and threats facing InfoSec today. We were happy to see attendees share ideas and continue the discussion online with #summitbuzz17

Here are some of the topics discussed at this year's summit:


Ransomware & Malware

Malware continues to be an ever-growing challenge for IT and Security.

The Importance Of Protecting Unstructured Data

Data in the Cloud

IMG 3978 Gary Miliefsky, CEO of Snoopwall, Inc., said the issues posed by cloud data storage affect many people, even those who do not think they use the cloud themselves.
“There are devices in your house and in your pocket that use cloud storage, and you don’t even think about it,” he said, pointing to an incident in which Samsung TVs with internet connectivity stored words they overheard in the cloud. “People are giving up privacy rights for connectivity.”*

"We Can’t Be Afraid Of New Frontiers Like Cloud"

Keynote speaker and Former Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley noted "We Can’t Be Afraid Of New Frontiers Like Cloud".

Takeaway: So How Do We Keep Our Data Safe?

  • People, processes and technology need to work together to address today’s security threat. Security frameworks and proactive risk assessments are necessary
  • Robust vendor risk assessments are necessary to do business securely with third party providers
  • Breach response readiness, planning, and tabletop exercises should be part of a comprehensive security program

Thank You and See You Again Next Year!

Finally, a thank you to all who sponsored and attended. It is through your participation that the success of our summit is possible. We are happy to report we raised funds for MassBay scholarships that will, among other things, support students exploring a career in cyber security!

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