CryptoLocker ransomware – learn what it is and how to prevent it

A new ransomware program, known as Cryptolocker, was identified recently.
Ransomware can freeze your computer and ask you to pay a fee, but this malicious ransomware does more than just that. (You can use a anti-virus tool to remove the virus.) Cryptolocker is different from other ransomware due to the fact that it allows your computer and software to run while your personal files, such as documents, spreadsheets, and images, are encrypted.
The only copy of the decryption key is then saved onto the criminals computer. Your files cannot be accessed without the key.
The criminals then give you 72 hours to pay a $300 fee for the key.
Each key is unique to every computer. You cannot take someone else’s key to unlock your files.
To understand more how Cryptolocker works, click here.
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