Do you know your risk tolerance? The role of a vCISO

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
12:00 PM EDT – 1:00 PM EDT

Featuring Michelle Drolet, Founder & CEO of Towerwall

Session will discuss:

  • What is a Virtual CISO?
  • Who needs a vCISO?
  • How a vCISO integrates into your security culture.
  • Why an experienced second set of eyes matters.

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A Day Inside a Security Operations Center – Part 1

Hosted by Alien Vault
Webinar On-Demand

SOCs, or Security Operations Centers; you’ve seen them in the news, the movies, even on TV. But what really happens on the inside? What are they showing on those screens when the cameras aren’t rolling? If you think it’s all about the screens and even more screens you only know half the story.

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A Day Inside a Security Operations Center – Part 2

Hosted by Alien Vault
Webinar On-Demand

Back by popular demand, join us for Part 2 of our “A Day Inside A SOC” series. Whether you are a “one-man SOC” or part of a team, you’ll come away with practical tips to improve threat detection and response.

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Detect Ransomware Before it’s Too Late with AlienVault USM

Hosted by Alien Vault
Webinar On-Demand

By now you’ve probably heard about new ransomware threats like CryptoWall, which encrypts your data and demands payment to unlock it. These threats are delivered via malicious email attachments or websites, and once they execute and connect to an external command and control server, they start to encrypt files throughout your network.

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How to Leverage Threat Intelligence for Every Day Defense

Hosted by Alien Vault
Webinar On-Demand

As malware becomes more commercialized, attackers are leveraging the same attack kits again and again. Threat intelligence offers the ability to detect attacks carried out using methods previously reported by others. But, only if it can be effectively integrated into security controls & processes.

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Under the Hood with AlienVault Labs: Malware Hiding Techniques

Hosted by Alien Vault
Webinar On-Demand

Malware is the scourge of every IT pro, and attackers are becoming more and more sophisticated in the tactics they use to evade detection. Join AlienVault Labs for a technical webinar covering common and emerging techniques attackers are employing to hide malware, along with tactics our security research team uses to detect these evolving threats.

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Find Threats Lurking on your Systems with Host-based Intrusion Detection and AlienVault USM

Hosted by AlienVault
Thursday, December 1st 10:00 AM CST

Host-based intrusion detection systems (HIDS), work by monitoring activity that is occurring internally on a host. HIDS look for unusual or nefarious activity by examining logs created by the operating system, looking for changes made to key system files, tracking installed software, and sometimes examining the network connections a host makes.

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Ransomware Today Webinar

Hosted by Towerwall and Sophos

I am sure you are seeing the explosion of ransomware in the headlines. Businesses of every size are targets and analysts estimate ransomware is on pace to be a $1B/year crime in 2016. Sophos Intercept X is their newly released anti-exploit tool, which stops hackers at the door and prevents zero-day attacks and exploits before they hit your system. Intercept X is designed to run alongside your existing AV and improve protection against advanced threats.

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SnoopWall Bi-Weekly Demo Webinar

Bi-Weekly Demo
Hosted by SnoopWall

SnoopWall performs a bi-weekly demo that is open to our partner’s and their customers that features a high level overview of the features and functionality of the NetSHIELD NAC appliance. The demo covers breach prevention, proactive rogue and malware infected asset detection and isolation, auditing for vulnerabilities and management of remote NetSHIELD NAC appliances.

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Varonis Product Demo: New Features to Face New Threats

Thursday, October 13th – 2:00pm EDT
Online Advanced TechTalk

Join us for a free live webcast to find out how Varonis gives you full visibility and control of your enterprise data. This live demo will explore Varonis products, walk you through the latest features (there are plenty), and show you how Varonis can help take your file security and analysis to the next level.

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A Checklist for PCI Compliance

Thursday, Oct 20th – 9:00am EDT
Varonis CPE Educational Webinar

100+ pages of PCI DSS 3.2 are anything but easy to comb through. We will discuss a new approach to understanding PCI DSS 3.2 compliance and provide you with the tools needed to build an airtight PCI program. Did we mention we’ll assign 1 ISC2 CPE credit to each attendee?

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Ransomware Today

Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats that internet users face. Since the infamous CryptoLocker first appeared in 2013, we’ve seen a new era of file-encrypting ransomware variants delivered through spam messages and Exploit Kits, extorting money from home users and businesses alike.

Join Towerwall & Sophos for “The End of Ransomware” Webinar

“Those within cyber security circles know ransomware has become a lucrative billion dollar business for an army of cybercriminals…It’s time you learn about the tricks and trade of cybercriminals and how their threats are constantly evolving.”– John Shaw, Vice President, Enduser Security Group, Sophos

Please join Towerwall and Sophos for an exclusive lunch and learn.

You’ll find out about:

  • Polymorphic Malware
  • What is Next Generation Malware
  • How does a ransomware attack happen?
  • 9 best security practices to apply NOW!