6 Steps to
Overcoming PCI DSS
Compliance Challenges
This eBook examines the challenges inherent in achieving continuous PCI DSS compliance across multi-cloud and hybrid landscapes.
Inside InfoSec Series: Zero Trust Architectures
Zero Trust
Expert Panel
Remote workforces have put an end
to traditional perimeter defenses.
Our expert panel discusses how Zero
Trust can simplify infosec implementation.
Malware in the
time of COVID-19
In this timely webinar, Microsoft's Cybersecurity Field CTO, Diana Kelley discusses how stay ahead of attackers during COVID-19.
Q&A Panel:
Stay Cybersafe
in 2020
An interactive Q&A Panel with experts Chris Chaves of Sophos, & Michelle Drolet & Arun Subramoniam of Towerwall.
COVID-19 Scams:
A New Threat Frontier
Michelle Drolet shares her "10 Things I Know" about COVID-19 Scams with the WBJ.
New eBook:
Vigilance & Diligence
How to Protect Your Company From Cybersecurity Threats. Staying abreast of the latest cybersecurity trends can be a tricky challenge for modern businesses, but it’s absolutely vital if you want to safeguard your data.
Insight & Info
to Keep You Secure
The latest in InfoSec on our BrightTalk webinar channel hosted by Michelle Drolet.
Case Study:
Dean College
Building an adaptable infrastructure to protect, comply and respond to the unique challenges higher education institutions face daily.
Michelle Drolet
Discusses Sophos
Intercept X on CRNtv
As long there is money to be made, cybercriminals will continue to take advantage of our security weakness.
Watch Webinar:
Trends in Data
Breaches & Response
Watch our latest webinar with Michelle Drolet and a panel of industry experts to discover best practices for breach response.
Why Should I Care
About Privacy & GDPR?
Are you ready for GDPR? Do you meet the new requirements? Do you know your risk exposure? A lot of companies do not know.
NIST’s Cybersecurity
Learn how NIST's CSF helps can help you be proactive about risk management.
New Webinar:
Eliminate the IoT
Security Blind Spot
Hear from Armis Founder, Nadir Izrael on how to secure the new endpoint.
Banking Cannabis
The information you need to know to build a successful banking cannabis program.

Your Partner in Data Protection

For over 27 years, we have helped scores of companies safeguard their data & leverage their investment in IT with advanced information security solutions & services. A woman-owned business founded in 1993, Towerwall offers a wide range of information, network & data security & policy management products & services. We are premier partners with many of the leaders in the information security & Internet security industry segment, offering integrated security solutions in IT policy, anti-virus, content security & IP filtering.

Towerwall is Built to Protect Your Data

Built on our core methodology, our advantage lies in our vertically integrated suite of solutions and services led by our seasoned team of professionals who can recognize and provide for all your security needs.

Virtual CISO Program

Our unique approach to Virtual CISO. Offering three distinct partner options, our vCISO program are tailor fit to your organization’s security needs.

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Strategic Partner Network

Our network of industry-leading security providers enable us solving security and policy management needs.

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Security Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of security services and solutions using best-of-breed tools and information security services.

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4E Methodology

Our 4E Methodology serves as the foundation of our engagements and guides the development of customized information security solutions.

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The personal relationship Towerwall extends is very reassuring. In data security it's important to trust the integrity of your security professionals and we do. Towerwall is always there to educate us on new security trends and products to help protect our data.


For the last 10 years, Towerwall has helped keep me aware of the ever-changing threat landscape and the changing compliancy issues. As the Director of Infrastructure at a global company, their security acumen has been an invaluable tool.


Over the last 14 years, Towerwall has not only facilitated product placement at Advanced Instruments, but also consolidated all ensuing maintenance contracts. Their attention to detail and Information security knowledge have proved invaluable.

Data Security Resource Center

5 cybersecurity events that keep CEOs up at night

26 Oct 2020

With ransomware and phishing attacks on the rise, companies must continuously focus on cyber risks to protect assets and customers. Covid-19 forced organizations to evolve their business models overnight. The demand for digital infrastructure has skyrocketed and industries are seeing large-scale adoption of work from home. Unauthorized software, unsecured devices, stressed and distracted workers have … Continue reading 5 cybersecurity events that keep CEOs up at night


This malware leverages Moplus SDK to automatically and periodically deploy unwanted applications onto Android devices. Moplus SDK has been found out to include backdoor capabilities.

Qualys FreeScan

Accurately scan your network, servers, desktops or web apps for security vulnerabilities. Scanning takes just minutes to find out where you’re at risk.

With FreeScan You Can:

  • Scan computers and apps on the Internet or in your network
  • Detect security vulnerabilities and the patches needed to fix them
  • View interactive scan reports by threat or by patch
  • Test websites & apps for OWASP Top Risks and malware
  • Test computers against SCAP security benchmarks

Protect Your Unstructured Data with User Behavior Analytics

The theft of unstructured data is extremely common. It can be very difficult to safeguard emails and files when a lot of people have access. Even the CIA is not immune, judging by the recent exposure of its hacking tools via WikiLeaks. It’s ironic that the CIA’s hacking guides have been hacked, but it just goes to show how difficult it can be to prevent.