Detect. Respond. Build prevention plan.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive Monitoring

24/7 continual monitoring ensures swift responses from Towerwall’s partner Alert Logic experts to your company limiting all potential damage.

Support Commitment

A tailored support system that provides your company with the most encompassing support possible and makes it available to you and your employees around the clock.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Our MDA service is ever adopting successful practices while maintaining a cautious gaze on future regulations being talked about.

Our MDR Services


24/7 Monitoring Technology

Through Towerwall, you have access to our resources as well as our distinguished partners, one of which is Alert Logic. With 24/7 threat detection, response, and comprehensive connectivity with your existing security stack, Alert Logic’s services would upgrade the security of your company exponentially.

Having a diversified Alert Logic offers their vigorous MDR services for any environment. Alert Logic’s flexibility makes strong, resilient detection and response available to you whether your company uses a hybrid cloud, on-premises, or public cloud (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud) environment.

Not only is this MDR plan widely accessible, but it is economical too; with simple, scalable pricing. With this immensely powerful service as just one of the many services your partnership with Towerwall will provide, you can rest assured that your company’s assets and information are being protected and monitored with the utmost care and expertise

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MDR Penetration Testing

The next phase of our Managed Detection and Response services focuses on identifying exactly where cyber-criminals are going to get into your company:

  • During this phase, our own Towerwall cybersecurity experts will attempt to attack your system to identify weak points vulnerable to cybercriminals
  • Through hands-on penetration, there is a next-level understanding of where your system is vulnerable and precisely how difficult it would be for a cybercriminal to breach your data
  • This in-depth understanding of how a breach would happen provides us with the knowledge and understanding necessary to administer a successful but unique prevention plan for your company
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MDR Intrusion Prevention

Finally, Towerwall equips your company with a wholistic Intrusion Prevention service:

  • Via this service, we examine the data collected and establish a prevention plan tailored specifically to your company
  • Through Intrusion Prevention we work to keep your company safe from any and all future cyber-attacks
  • With your success as our focus, we keep you involved and educated on every step of our process
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Technology We Enable

Alert Logic

Alert Logic is the industry’s first SaaS-enabled managed detection and response (MDR) provider, delivering unrivaled security value.

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Avertium is the managed security and consulting provider that companies turn to when they want more than check-the-box cybersecurity.

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