A New Approach to Chief Information Security Officer

Data threats change daily and organizations need cutting edge support to stay ahead of risk. If you, like many organizations are challenged with having data security needs, with limited staff capacity and staffing options, Towerwall’s advisors are available to perform the function of Chief Information Security Officer. This enables the Information Security Department to focus on critical IT projects, while still ensuring that security is being driven forward. Towerwall’s virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service allows you to leverage the executive leadership skills of a Towerwall security and compliance expert who has previous practical CISO experience. Towerwall’s experts serve as confidential thought partners allowing your executives the opportunity to brainstorm, cross check ideas, and get advice from industry leaders. Towerwall trusted advisors help you stay vigilant about incoming threats – now and in the future. More specifically, Chief Information Security Officer services enable you leverage the experience and skills of a Towerwall senior security consultant.


Virtual CISO

Add the most experienced team in information security without increasing your headcount.

A Towerwall senior consultant with previous CISO experience will perform the function of CISO for your organization. This service has been developed for organizations that do not have the experience on staff or would like to have a seasoned expert on staff without the full expense.

Want to tap into our vCISO's expertise?