Another Successful Information Security Summit

By Michelle Drolet . 19 Jun 2015

Once again, the Information Security Summit hosted by Towerwall and MassBay was a resounding success. Hundreds of attendees and vendors participated in  diverse data security panels and networked with industry leaders and peers. The Summit opened with Michelle Drolet, CEO of Towerwall, and Shamsi Moussav, Computer Science Professor at MassBay Community College, presenting scholarships to … Continue reading Another Successful Information Security Summit

The 4 Es of Enterprise Security

By Michelle Drolet . 15 Dec 2014

Building a solid security program takes time. Every organization is different. It’s very important to assess your technology, and consider both internal and external threats. An assessment will reveal vulnerabilities. The remediation process will help you take full advantage of your existing security assets and point you at any gaps that need filling. Even once … Continue reading The 4 Es of Enterprise Security

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

By Michelle Drolet . 9 Dec 2014

The information security profession, which evolved largely in reaction to threats, is now paying the price of an entire “missing generation.” Companies are challenged finding pros with the combination of business and technical savvy that is needed to combat growing threats. Compounding this problem, educational institutions are not graduating enough students with the necessary skills … Continue reading The Cybersecurity Skills Gap

More Devices, More Problems.

By Michelle Drolet . 6 Oct 2014

Check out this infographic for the numbers behind BYOD.