Webinar: Humans are the new Malware

By Michelle Drolet . 13 Feb 2020

It may seem like a peculiar twist of irony, but as the technical capabilities afforded by automation proliferate, successful cyberattacks are increasingly more reliant on human execution. Join this 60-minute presentation to learn more about the cyber threat landscape, threat hunting and response techniques, and real-world examples of how Sophos Managed Threat Response detects and … Continue reading Webinar: Humans are the new Malware


Webinar: Edge Computing Association Webinar How to Use the Decentralized Edge Cloud to Protect Your Data

By Michelle Drolet . 16 Oct 2019

Expert panelists Michelle Drolet of Towerwall and Tom Ward of Qnext/FileFlex joined participants online on October 1st 2019 to speak about how to use a decentralized edge-cloud architecture to secure your company’s files & data and prevent cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks. Watch the full webinar below: