Secure Your Future with a Virtual CISO – Featured in Infosecurity Magazine

By Michelle Drolet . 29 Apr 2015

Towerwall Founder and CEO Michelle Drolet’s latest article “Secure Your Future with a Virtual CISO” is featured in the Infosecurity Magazine. Read more below: The enterprise is facing a dangerous combination of mounting cybersecurity threats of increasing subtlety and a widening

Introducing Towerwall’s vCISO Services

By Michelle Drolet . 23 Feb 2015

Towerwall is proud to offer our new vCISO Program. Introducing Towerwall’s vCISO Program, our unique approach to Virtual CISO. Offering three distinct partner options, our vCISO solutions are tailor fit to your organization’s security needs. Recognizing many small and mid-sized companies have security concerns, yet do not warrant a full-time position, the Towerwall vCISO Platform … Continue reading Introducing Towerwall’s vCISO Services