Higher Education

Our security consultants recognize the breadth of challenges you face in securing critical assets, which is more of a challenge in higher education than almost any other vertical.

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Financial Services & Banking

The challenges for IT professionals in the financial industry are daunting, ranging from a lack of IT staff and security talent to a rise in tougher cybersecurity regulations and updated policy development.

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As cyber-attacks on the Healthcare industry advance, a more comprehensive cybersecurity system is vital. It is imperative to head off cyber-attacks from the source, to ensure maximum security that goes beyond HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

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BioPharma & Bio-Therapeutics

With ever-evolving cyber-attacks threatening all industries, it is important to realize that no industry is safe from an attack. With the aid of Bio-Pharma/Bio-Therapeutics a partnership with Towerwall will continue to protect your company around the lock.

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The retail industry has always been vulnerable to cyber-attacks, with so many different endpoints it can be very difficult to identify an attack. Data breaches are on the rise, being named one of the top 5 risks to global security, with an alarming 15% of all breaches being in the retail industry.

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Whether it be federal, state, or local government the protection of sensitive data is of the utmost importance. In recent times we have seen an uprising of cyber threats and attacks against the government at unprecedented rates, which can be detrimental on a global scale.

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Towerwall offers best-in-class cannabis compliance, data privacy and information security services for cannabis businesses striving to succeed in one of the most highly regulated industries in the country.

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Small Business

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic having web-based access to a business has proven to be life or death for the success of that company, but with web access comes web-based security concerns.

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As one of the leading industries in the world it is important to be backed up by the leading cyber security technologies of the world. Towerwall provides a powerful litany of services to protect your company.

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