The foundation to know your network and
develop a customized and comprehensive
information security framework.

Towerwall’s 4E methodology, Evaluate, Establish, Educate, Enforce, is time-tested, and provides a consistent, repeatable, and measurable approach to information security. The process begins by working closely with you to understand your organization’s risk profile, continues on with the establishment of a security plan that closes security gaps and aligns policy with regulatory requirements, but it doesn’t end when the software has been installed and the last screw has been turned.

Our 4E approach is ongoing, ensuring your organization keeps current with the known threat and legal environment with regular security audits and testing, employee training, remediation services, and performance assessments.

Our 4E Methodology:
Evaluate with a Proven Propriety Methodology for Optimal Security and Risk Assessment


An organization’s risk profile is determined by many factors, including size, industry, operational model, location, and other variables that most businesses aren’t even aware of. Towerwall employs a proprietary security assessment methodology, developed over years of networking and information security experience, taking these factors into account and evaluating their effect on your organization’s information security profile.

Without performing a detailed and comprehensive assessment, these risks will remain undetected, putting you at risk of a costly data breach or regulatory non-compliance.

A 4E evaluation from Towerwall identifies your weaknesses, and recommends optimal security and risk management approaches

Establish Roadmap for Information Security and Internet Security Issues


Once we’ve worked with you to evaluate and understand your risk profile, Towerwall will establish a customized security strategy, including security road map, remediation plan and policies designed to mitigate the risks associated with protecting critical data.

We won’t try to frighten you into a bad decision with confusing jargon and hyperbole, instead, our highly experienced consultants make sure you understand the results of the assessment and why our recommended solution is the right one for your organization, leveraging the technologies that are best suited to your security plan.

Only when you understand and are comfortable with the security plan can you take ownership of the plan. When that happens, the plan is at its most effective state.

Employees on Effective Information Security Management


Where many information security consultants fall short of their clients is in focusing on technology while ignoring the human element in data protection. Towerwall recognizes that information security policies and processes must be clearly and systematically communicated to your employees. When employees are made aware of organizational information security policies, understand their role in protecting valuable data, and acknowledge the consequences of breaching these policies, they are much less likely to engage in conduct detrimental to data security.

A Towerwall security program engages employees with ongoing communication and education that guards against improper usage and productivity loss, from potential legal and image problems, and from the compromising of intellectual property. Furthermore, internal security skills and knowledge must be continually improved. Towerwall also provides training for security personnel, along with recommended sources of information, so that your staff function effectively as an integral part of the security program.

Organizations Must be Vigilant in Enforcing IT Security Policies & Looking for Potential Risks


Without enforcement, the best information security policy is ineffective. At Towerwall, that means: organizations must be vigilant in ensuring all employees adhere to security policies and that systems remain up-to-date; new threats must be detected and addressed before they create problems and disrupt business; regular risk assessments must be conducted and vulnerability tests conducted; and regulatory requirements must be reviewed and policies brought into compliance.

Once the security infrastructure is in place, and policies have been effectively communicated, Towerwall provides on-going support for pro-active management. Towerwall has also developed an outsourced “managed service” to monitor network activity for compliance, and to detect security breaches and emerging threats.

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