The 7 Dimensions:
A better way to keep organizations secure.


Backed by decades of security experience, Towerwall learned that there is no single piece of technology or system that will keep your organization secure.

That’s why Towerwall security experts developed a unique security approach that is not only consistent, repeatable and measurable, but also flexible enough to adapt to the changing threat landscape.

We call this customizable approach the “7 Dimensions of Cybersecurity” that all organizations, regardless of their industry, size or security maturity, must adopt to deliver a multi-dimensional, multi-layered, proactive security defense.

7 Dimensions of Cybersecurity

The 7 layers of security every organization must develop to remain secure:
Policy & Programs
Vulnerability Management
Cyber Technology Stack
Regulatory & Compliance
Cybersecurity Insurance
Vendor Management Program
Awareness & Training