A New Approach to Chief Information Security Officer

Recognizing many small and mid-sized companies have security concerns, yet do not warrant a full-time position, the Towerwall vCISO Platform has been built with your business needs in mind. Its lightweight, flexible and scalable all without compromising your security and business needs. Gain direct access to a team of senior level security professionals at a fraction of the cost, all without sacrificing results.


Virtual CISO

Add the most experienced team in information security without increasing your headcount.

A Towerwall senior consultant with previous CISO experience will perform the function of CISO for your organization. This service has been developed for organizations that do not have the experience on staff or would like to have a seasoned expert on staff without the full expense.


From interim support to obtaining the ideal candidate, stay secure during CISO to CISO transition.

Don’t rush into CISO hiring. Organizations can comfortably take the time required to find their ideal Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the support of Towerwall’s CISO Link. A Towerwall senior consultant with CISO experience will fill the function of CISO for you, allowing you to fully vet and validate candidates…

CISO Lifeline

Get advice, brainstorm, or sanity check from our experts and seasoned CISOs.

Data threats change daily and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need cutting edge support to stay ahead of risk. Towerwall’s lifeline advisors are available to help even the most seasoned CISOs tackle the uncertainties they face. Our experts serve as confidential thought partners allowing your CISO opportunity to brainstorm, sanity check ideas, and get advice from industry leaders…

Why Choose Towerwall vCISO?

Most experienced team in information security.

Access our team of executive level security professionals and without increasing your headcount.

We create strong security cultures.

We create cultures that have security at the core to educate, assess, and stay vigilant for the next threat.

Built for your security needs.

Our unique vCISO platform offers three distinct partner options customized to your organization’s security needs.

Want to tap into our vCISO's expertise?