Webinars : Armis: Eliminate the IoT Security Blind Spot featuring Nadir Izrael

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About the Webinar

Webinar featuring Nadir Izrael Co-founder & CTO of Armis Security and Michelle Drolet Founder & CEO of Towerwall Would you put a new endpoint in your environment without securing it? Of course, not. But businesses are being inundated by unmanaged, unprotected IoT devices every day. Devices you can’t put an agent on. Our research shows businesses can’t see 40% of the devices around them. Devices that are designed to connect, yet don't have protection. The fact is that the current security architecture is broken. We need a new approach to address the new endpoint (IoT devices) in the workplace. Join Armis CTO Nadir Izrael as he discusses:
  • How the current security architecture is broken
  • What the next-generation IoT security architecture should look like
  • How to address vulnerabilities found in IoT devices and unmanaged endpoints

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