Listen our latest webinar from our “Lunch with a vCISO” series:

Second Nature Security:

More Secure Networks through Behavior Modification, Security Awareness and Training

During this webinar, our vCISOs Michelle Drolet and Greg Neville discuss the importance of Security Awareness and Training Programs, why ongoing efforts are key for information security and the steps you need to take to build and launch your training program.
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Listen to the Q&A Session


How do we overcome management resistance to training?

Should you include social engineering exercise as part of your awareness program?

Can you tell us how you handle key regulations such as HIPAA, Mass 201 CMR 17 and New York DFS?

What does PCI 3.0 require for training?

Do we need a separate user awareness program focused only on millennials?

Can you tell us about your ability to help us with a risk assessment and how does that connect in with user awareness?

Is it better to use a carrot or stick when training our employees?

In terms of handling data, should you have a data classification program?



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