Listen to the first webinar from our “Lunch with a vCISO” series

During our first “Lunch with a vCISO” webinar, our host Michelle Drolet discussed the importance of understanding risk tolerance and how a vCISO can help your organization identify risk and build a custom information security plan.
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Hear Michelle Drolet’s Q&A Session


Can the vCISO make board presentations?

How many vCISOs do we have on our team?

How is the vCISO program priced?

How does the phone a vCISO work?

Can the vCISO build an incident response plan?

What do you include or focus on when doing a technical risk assessment?

Do you have a project manager who coordinates the program, process and projects?

How long is a vCISO contract or engagement?

What do you include and focus on your technical risk assessments?

Can you tell me more about the remediation roadmap?

Do you build programs with respects to international standards, policies and regulations?

How frequently will I correspond with my vCISO?

Will I be working with one person or a team?

Can the vCISO be longer term? Will it be more cost effective than hiring your own CISO?


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