A customizable security training program for your review.

We’re giving you all the tools you need to keep your employees out of trouble. Whether you’re starting a program from scratch, or just in need of some refresher materials, we’ve got you covered.

Get the Full Toolkit

Get it now. No registration. No forms. No catches. Simply download the whole toolkit in one convenient zip file. Here’s whats included in the Towerwall Security Training Toolkit:

  1. Program launch guide
  2. Employee handbook
  3. Email series of 10 tips
  4. Poster series of 10 tips
  5. Online videos
  6. Password quick tips
  7. Launch announcement
  8. Buy-in documents

Customize Your Own Toolkit

See all the tools in all the formats and pick and choose which ones to download. View them as HTML, download ready-to-use PDFs, or Word files you can customize yourself.

Watch the Videos

Mostly, it’s simple common sense rules that make all the difference in protecting ourselves from threats and damaging data loss. Follow these tips and you’ll increase your chances of staying safe. These 10 tips each include a short video to give you some real-life examples of how things can go wrong when we aren’t careful. We encourage you to think about how you can put these tips into practice and, better yet, share them with your friends and family.