Don’t Rush Into CISO Hiring

Organizations can comfortably take the time required to find their ideal Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with the support of Towerwall’s CISO Link. A Towerwall senior consultant with CISO experience will fill the function of CISO for you, allowing you to fully vet and validate candidates. In addition to maintaining your organization’s ongoing data security projects, this consultant can help you recruit, interview, and hire your next full time CISO with confidence.

What sets Towerwall apart is their knowledge of industry trends and technology and also their technical expertise. They not only can perform the security engagements required today, but also deliver a detailed remediation roadmap.

- Patty Patria, CIO, Becker College

What We Do

The vCISO assigned to your company will be responsible for the following milestones and deliverables:

Expert Advisor

Serve as an expert advisor to senior management in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an information security infrastructure that ensures that security and privacy best practice control objectives are achieved for the organization.

Establish Security Roles and Responsibilities

Deliverables include:

  • Documented job descriptions
  • Assignment of roles to appropriate individuals
  • Implementation of an IT Security Steering Committee

Oversee Efforts

Oversee the effort to remediate critical Technical Controls Review findings. Deliverables include:

  • Project plans
  • Weekly Status Reports (Process Owners)
  • Project Completion Reports

Assess Technology

Assess technology procurement and implementation procedures. Deliverables include:

  • A formal process for product evaluation, procurement and implementation
  • Identification of point solutions and areas that function in silos
  • Establishment of bi-weekly IT Project Review Meetings

Activation, maintenance and oversight of Security Policies

Deliverables include:

  • Review, get management approval, and activate the Overarching Security Policy
  • Review and list security policies currently in place and those that need to be updated and or created

Establish Security Awareness Initiatives

Establish security awareness initiatives for IT management and staff.

  • Establish ownership for security awareness
  • Create a security awareness initiatives calendar of events
  • Implement one IT security awareness initiative

Oversee Vendors

Oversee 3rd Party vendor management practices. Deliverables include:

  • Create procedures and assign ownership for governing vendor contracts and SLAs
  • Review 3rd party vendor contract, services and SLAs and provide:
  • An evaluation of 3rd Party Vendor achievement of SLAs, the handling of incidents, reporting and service activations and deactivation
  • A list of required and currently performed 3rd Party Vendor services and obstacles to success
  • Recommended contract modifications
  • Create an outsource strategy that highlights IT functions that could be outsourced and those which are best kept in-house

Liaison for Audits and Assessments

Act as liaison for audits and assessments ensuring that the reporting is accurate and appropriate.

  • Provide oversight to audit and risk remediation efforts

Why Choose CISO Link

CISO Link is an ideal solution for:

Organizations of any size that have a security program in place and want to maintain a smooth transition from CISO to CISO.  This service also serves to ensure that all security projects continue without interruption.

With CISO Link you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected during transition.

With CISO Link you can take the time to obtain the ideal candidate. A Towerwall senior consultant with previous CISO experience will perform the function of CISO for your organization, allowing the organization to fully vet and validate candidates. Our CISO’s maintain ongoing projects as well as assist in the interview process and provide recommendations for hiring

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